Moving Tips To Relocate To Jacksonville

If you rent a house or buy a house, of course, not to say that this is your last stop. But all this, of course, also results into a strenuous move. Moving is a big event especially if you’re moving to another city or another state or here in Jacksonville to be particular. In my experience, I always seek the help of moving companies near me to do the job. Nonetheless, with or without the help of moving companies, here are some tips that may help you get a less stressful situation:

Tips for packing

packPacking your belongings is quite a task, especially if you have to do this for your whole house.

-Grab room by room and start with the things that you use at least.

-Tape the bottom of each box even further so that they do not break.

-Never fill a box so heavy that you can not lift it safely.

-Spread the heavier things in different boxes, and put the boxes in the balance of them to further fill with lighter items such as towels.

-Place the lighter objects always on top.

-Use bubble wrap or newspaper or even your towels if you pack fragile items.

-Write on each box to which room it belongs to have detailed labels.

-Have a separate box with essential items you may need for your first night in your new home. Things that you might need to use overnight such as toiletries, toilet paper, snacks and clothing if you do not get everything unpacked immediately.

Tips for moving your pets and plants

Even animals and plants need much attention during a move.


pet-Maintain the daily rhythm of your pet as good as it can before and after the move. If you have the habit at a certain time to give your pet food and play with it, do it during the move.

-Pets, especially dogs, can sometimes be aggressive towards strangers. In this case, you can leave your pet to your friends and family during moving day.

-If you decide to keep your pet with you on the big day,  put a collar on and write your name and mobile number.

-Make your new home more comfortable by arranging old toys and other familiar objects. Show your pets that they can fit in at your new residence.


-Bind larger plants together to pack up and transport them easily.

-Remove the excess water from the pot before you pack them.

Tips for the big day

Be prepared to start the big day to start it right.

-Make sure you go to sleep the night before we go in time so that you have enough rest.

-If you lived in a house, check that all the closets, but also rooms and storage areas to ensure that you have everything and leave nothing behind.

-Remove all the lights and take the meter readings.

-Keep important and valuable items such as jewelry with you.

-Make sure that you have a toolbox at hand.

-First place your larger items such as seats in place before you start packing personal items and accessories.

-Keep some empty boxes on hand in case you decide it is the right time to keep cleaning time.

-If you do not all the furniture in one day to set up, make sure your bed is set up with clean sheets so you can have a good sleep at the end of this exhausting day.

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