Most Booming Businesses In Jacksonville

If you are taking your initial steps in the complex world of business, looking to strengthen your investments or merely want to expand, I am sure you have already thought of Jacksonville. It does captivate not only domestic and foreign tourists but also the most known companies that explore new horizons. It turns out that the variety of workforce, as well as the opportunities offered by its market, make this region one of the most coveted in the US which highlights the Jacksonville trend.

businesses in Jacksonville

Industries or line of businesses that are most prosperous in that city


Jacksonville is ranked first place in the country regarding the attractiveness of its airspace. Also, it is second in aviation and has two airports with a license to operate.

National security

If we talk about this aspect, it is important to highlight that there are thousands active military personnel in the area and professionals in defense and national security. It also one of the top area that develops air and land defense systems.


Jacksonville is home to almost to thousands of companies that in turn employ hundred thousand workers who manufacture batteries, food, light food, communication equipment, doctors, rescue boats, among other products used by airlines. One of the rates that are known very low in unionization in the private sector is perceived in the area.

Pharmaceutical industry

More than 1.2 billion dollars are invested annually in the sciences related to this sector. It has also had internationally recognized medical schools.

Financial and professional services

Jacksonville has high ranked on financial and insurance services. Also, it reserves as one of the top places regarding the number of professional, scientific and technical services establishments in this sector.  It also has hundreds of commercial banks, which have more than a hundred billion dollars in assets. You can add that more those insurance companies.

Information technology

If we deal with this issue, it is valid to point out that it is the third city to have the most significant number of establishments with high technology and to export products derived from it. On the other hand, it has one of the most people employed in processes or trades related to the latest technologies. In turn, it has various thousand companies of this type, where about hundred thousand workers who live in Jacksonville work.

Because of the technology, more and more people are into using mobile gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. An increasing number of companies uses the continuous development of technology through social networking and search engines. So SEO acronym for search engine optimization experts is born. An SEO agency in Jacksonville is recommended for businesses that wished to be more exposed in the online world.


In this sector, it can be highlighted that Jacksonville has conquered as one of the top places in having infrastructures destined for these purposes. It also excels in the third step by having more logistics and distribution services. No less critical is the fifth place obtained by employing a large number of people in that branch.


For those interested in the business world, Jacksonville is undoubtedly an ideal place, because it is the one of the most outstanding city in this regard. It has also deserved recognition for the amount of infrastructure with these objectives. To achieve such valuations, they use hundreds of companies that have a corporate headquarters in that city and close to more than a thousand central offices.

Green energy

The geographic location of the city Jacksonville allows a favorable development of cleaner production technologies. This can be corroborated as this is the number two region regarding annual biomass production.

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