MOCA Jacksonville: A Destination For Art Enthusiasts


Photo courtesy of Doug Eng.

Art is very inspirational and motivating especially for people who want to spark their imagination. There is something about art that actually gets our attention. It’s complex yet beautiful at the same time.

In Jacksonville, there are some places of interests that could satisfy your artistic sense but, this time, we’re going to put the spotlight on the Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA in Jacksonville. If you’ve never been to this place, you’re totally missing out and maybe, you should grab the chance of going here while you still can.

What is MOCA?

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville (MOCA) which is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Florida focuses on exhibiting and artworks of national and international artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. It was founded before as the Jacksonville Fine Arts Society in 1924.

This place was a total mind blip, I loved spending the afternoon exploring and experiencing the art, they had some amazing pieces. – Brittany M. ,


Why visit the MOCA?

Okay, here comes the fun part. You might be wondering why you need to visit this place and why you should consider it to be on your to-do list, here are pretty good reasons why you should do so:

Affordable admission. When you think about museums, you immediately think it’s expensive. However, admissions in the MOCA is relatively affordable for all people of different ages. Adults are only at $8 and a special rate of $5 for seniors, military, students and children. You can enjoy stunning art without worrying about too much expenses.


Step right in and awaken your creativity!

Awesome promotions. If you don’t want to spend a dime on appreciating art, that’s no problem either as the MOCA has some special promotions if you want free admission. You can enjoy a lovely time at the first Wednesday of very month and if you’re a college student, you can also enjoy free admission on Tuesdays. Not having enough money to spare is definitely not a reason to skip a visit.

Okay for kids, too. Museums can be boring for children but in MOCA that all can change. They have a special place for the kiddos to unleash their hidden creativity by coloring. If you’re a kid at heart, you can have loads of fun, too.

Interesting exhibitions. The exhibitions change from time to time which can be really captivating especially if you want to experience something different on every visit. The masterpieces are nicely arranged for you to have a better chance of appreciating them.


Here’s one of those interesting exhibitions you might experience in the MOCA:

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